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Happy Friday Starkids with Love from StaaarkidsJewelry

Hi Star Babes ... Today its friday funday, i must say every day we feel like it´s friday thanks to our fantastic creative work and all passion doing what we love doing. The mother and daughter collection with precious jewelry. Hope you have started to wear and share them with all your beloved ones. It´s a fantastic baby shower and christening gift for both the mother and her baby. Since we do earrings and rings to go with the little bracelet or necklace. Have a look you are going to love it. Have a Wonderful Week end! 

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Starkids Magic Snowflakes at Staaarkids jewelry

Hi everyone,   So happy this morning we woke up with loads of Snowflakes, white light and happy kids, we just love Snowflakes as you know by now ...full of magic flakes in the air!  Enjoy your evening with a nice candlelight and don´t forget to get your own sweet Snowflake Jewel in our shop, have a look to see whats your favorite one! Love & Light, see you soon!

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Happy New Year to all Starkids with Love from Staaarkids Jewelry

Wishing you all a happy new year with lots of magic moments to fill 2017 with. Fun to see what will come our way this year. There is many projects going on and we will let you all know as soon as we know more.  The Choker Necklace being a bigseller this winter but also the other ones specially set of babybracelet and for example the ring or earrings to the mom, adorable way to be even more connected with our little darlings. Checkout the one you prefer, to get your special "gift set" to share with your little darling....

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Starkids ..What a Lovely Sunny Winterday with Staaarkids Jewelry

Hi Sweet you all ! After a lovely first of advent Sunday we have a beautiful sunny Monday. It is the best time now befor christmas with lots of wonderful songs on the radio giving a jolly happy feeling and the sun is shining wonderful ! We are working on putting in all the pictures of the gold jewelry in our webshop, thank you for understanding!  Here we are still waiting for the snow to fall to get that super feeling of christmas, we are doing a lot of fun preparations before the Holidays. Talking about love and light and...

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Starkids wearing Staaarkids Jewelry

Hi you all! Hope you are doing great and that you are making your wishlist ready for your dearest! Here in the south of Sweden we have still no snow but a little higher up its been coming a lot already ...love the white magic light that we get when it´s here, can´t wait ...soo nice and lovely for all kid´s ..young and less young ones :)!  Our favorite Choker Necklace with silk ribbon is just Lovely and it´s a must've gift this X-mas ... go and get yours before it will be sold-out ... don´t wait! The gold-jewelry pic´s...

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