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Hi so happy to be back!

Now it´s officially summer and summer break, lovely!

The sun is shining, ..most of the time!

We are going to tell you about how our story with Staaarkids started.

It all started on the beautify island St Barths, St. Barthelemy about 5 years ago, a wonderful paradise island in the French West Indies that we love and even more since it´s a mix of French & Swedish, just like we are!

It became a Swedish Island ...so, many of the streets are still written in Swedish, like Kyrkbacken i Gustavia som huvudstaden heter efter våra svenska kungar .. love that, tres Royal!

oh no ..i started to wright in Swedish ..i´m sorry! 

So i said, Gustavia is the name of the capital after the swedish king that was ruling there when the island was traded for a space in the Swedis habour of Goetebourg. That was over a 100 years ago, but since it was fare away from Sweden and difficult for the king to run and rule it became taxfree, so no taxes there thanks to the Swedish king, Merci! ...and later it was given back to France for 1 symbolic french francs ...un peu de histoire!

Love and light, stay toned will tell you more soon!



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