Welcome to the World of Staaarkids Mom & Mini fine Jewelry. Klarna delbetalning & Öppet köp i 14 dagar.


Hi everyone hope you are having a great summer with lots of sun, icecream and yummy moments together!

We are happy that so many of you are getting our jewelry to share with friends, bff, sisters, mom&dad and child, what a happy feeling to get even more connected with your little darlings true some cute jewelry's!

We now have 2 sizes in our adjustable ring since so many adults wants to wear and share them with there little darling, lovely! 

The ring is a great success, in Paris they just loved the way of wearing it as a chevaliere ring on the little finger for the adults to do twinning mom and daughter L O V E, we love it to! 

Love and light see you soon!

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