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Hi everyone!

So happy to be here and to meet you, this is our first blog on Staaarkids, hope you will enjoy it.

We are going to tell you what we are doing and about things that happens around our brand. ;D

Staaarkids design is a teamwork between Mom and Daughter,  .. we love to be creative, it´s such a great energy. Did you see our Hope Bracelet with two girls on very sweet .. it´s the Bff, friends and sister bracelet .. just adorable! This design was so much fun to do, done by Chloé.

See you soon again here on our blog ..take care

Much Love & Light 

Staaarkids Jewelry 


Today feb. the 18th it snowed again too nice ..love when it´s all white! But must say we would love sunny warm weather now.. :D

We will give you some fun info soon, ... hang around.




March 17th

Hi everyone, ..hope you are well!

I just added a little dogwalk picture with me and Abe, the picture is from our last trip in Paris, our hometown were i was born! Hmm... looks like you can´t see it ...we will check this out! ....Now it´s fixed! :D

We will soon be able to give moore info. about all new things that are happening at Staaarkids,..ok! :) .. so hang around.

Love & Light 


 Mai 7th

Hi everyone!

The sun is shining it´s so warm and suddenly they say it´s summer ..Wow great, happy!

Guess what ... 

We got New´s ... we have now all of our collection ready with super nice Earrings and Necklaces, Rings and Bracelets all of the collection in Sterling Silver now also in 3 colour 18 K Gold-plated Sterling silver and diamonds ...so nice and its been a real succes showing them ...<3 they will soon be on our webshop, so hope you will Love them to ..! The Rose Gold is probably my favorite, ... but they all look fantastic with all the symbolic little diamonds ...Love the Bling! .... there is 3-6-7-12-14 little diamond´s depending on what model! 

Have a great Saturday with lots of Love & Light from us!

Last info !

All the NEW styles and the Gold-plated jewelry with and without diamond´s will be here on the webshop soon!

Take care love & Light!<3


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